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Department Policies

Rehersals & Performances

Performances: This is the final of a performance class. Attendance is mandatory. Failure to attend a performance will result in an “F” for the quarter of the performance with the exception
of illness and family emergencies.

After school rehearsals: will be graded on a “A” for attendance, “F” for nonattendance and an “Excused” for Family Emergencies, Illness, After School Activities, Medical Appointments and Religious Commitments. All excused absences must have a note from the parents or guardians before the event.

Make-up Work & Materials

Tests: May be made up after school during the quarter the test was given. This includes students
who were absent on the test day.

Worksheets: When the student is absent on a worksheet day, it is their responsibility to get the worksheet from the teacher. When turned in the next day, write absent
across the top to receive full credit.

Pencils: Students are expected to have a pencil with them or in their music folder. If the teacher has to loan the student a pencil, the assignment grade will be lowered by one letter grade. Random pencil checks will also be counted toward their participation grade.