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Frequently Asked Questions

What requirements are necessary?

For Beginning Band and Mixed Chorus there are no requirements other than an interest by the child and support from the parents. Concert Band and String Orchestra requires at least one year of experience and or director audition.

Are students required to take private lessons?

The combination of private and group instruction is the ideal situation. Both types of instruction have their merit. It is not a requirement for any music class. We can recommend teachers for all types of private instruction.

How does my child obtain an instrument for the year?

There are 3 options for students and parents:

  1. Renting an instrument from a music store.
  2. Already owning an instrument.
  3. Using a school instrument. School instruments are available to students on a need basis. We request a $30.00 repair donation for the entire year.

Privately owned and rental instruments should be stored in the music rooms(M-5 & M-6) during the day. The Simi Valley Unified School District assumes no responsibility for privately owned or rental instruments while at school.

Does the school provide books and music?

All music classes are supplied with music for the year.

The Beginning and Concert Band’s method books used can be borrowed from the school, however to utilize the online resources your child would have to purchase their own copy.

Should I encourage my child to continue in music?

Yes! There are numerous studies that conclusively show that musical training develops educational growth. Think of it as “P.E. for the mind, body and soul.” The middle school and high school years are the only time that the vast majority of students will have to nurture their musical abilities and talents. During the first year, it is sometimes difficult for students to see the “light at the end of the tunnel” , so parental support is of the utmost importance.

Is a musical background necessary?

No, while it certainly does help (especially piano), some of our finest young musicians have been those without any prior training. Our program is designed to inspire and develop the imbedded abilities your child already possess.

How will my child decide which instrument to play?

During the first two weeks of the school year, every instrument in the band will be demonstrated to the students. They will also be allowed to play a variety of woodwind and brass mouthpieces. After the introduction of instruments in complete, the student will compile a list of their top three choices of instrument. The director will then construct the class balancing the students into their appropriate sections. We are very careful to point out the easy and challenging aspects of the various instruments so they can make an educated decision.